Setup the blog infrastructure

I have setup today WordPress on my web hosting provider as my blog tool. I will try fiddle with the appearance but hope to start writing some real posts next days. Make sure to come back and check me out.


I am really impressed how easy was to setup WordPress, its features and customization possibilities. I truly recommend to anyone looking to quickly start up his blog adventure.

I have tried to establish o presence for myself on the web since June but letting aside the home page I did not manage too much. Looking at the time passing by I was being caught in a trivial battle with myself between form and substance. I would have liked to create my own blog tool from ground up using PHP and MySQL and get more familiar with these technologies in the process (but I never found the time to do it), on the other hand I would have liked to quickly start writing down my ideas and thoughts and be able to reasonably display them. I have finally chosen the second option and here I am, writing my first post.

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