Who am I and what I try to say?

I am just another guy who earns his bread as a result of what he learned from the web and not from schools attended. I just want now to share some of my experience to others(maybe make an honest buck in the process…), so initially this site will contain information about:

  • Software Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Web Development
  • and for each of them resources (shortly commented usful locations in the web), books (those read by me especially) reviews and summaries, learning road maps(i.e. what you need to master/know to become a professional in that area);

  • Products:
  • I have some ideas to create a free web based software requirements analysis tool.

  • Services:
  • I am skillful in software requirements analysis, software development estimation, project management and I might help you with that (in exchange for money obviously);

  • Web Log:
  • It is in fashion these days to exhibit your thoughts (if you have any) and experiences;

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