The art of project management

The Art of Project Management
By Scott Berkun
Publisher: O’Reilly
Pub Date: April 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00786-8
Rating: ****

“Completing projects doesn’t happen often in most lifetimes. Creating good things that other people will use in their lives is an incredible challenge. It’s a time worthy of extraordinary celebration: live it up.”

This book is about project management applied to software development business, however it has a great deal of information to make it interesting for project management practitioners in other areas (although some of the examples relevance will disappear).
The book has 2 very important ingredients that I praise in any technical book:
– It presents useful and practical information;
– It has rhythm and feeds the information to the reader in a very enjoyable way;

I have 2 sections to highlight:
– Scott view about what a manger is;
– Scott analogy between the angle a plan have to achieve for a successful landing and the control a project manger has to do in order to successfully achieve a milestone;

You can view my notes card for this book for some words and ideas that especially draw my attention and made an impression on me.
The book is already at the second edition  which brought it also a new name. Scott thinks the first edition name was buzz word compliant and lame, therefore assuming his mistake found a better one.

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